vendo exercito de wood elves - lololll

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vendo exercito de wood elves - lololll

Mensagem  hellboy em Qua Jul 21, 2010 4:09 pm

nao vendo, tou a brincar, mas pelo o que estou a ver estou completamente FDIDO para jogar com este army. Eis um bom resumo, estou de acordo aqui com o homem

Wood Elves

The Asrai have changed almost completely in the way their army plays in order to stay competitive. Without a doubt, WE will be the hardest army to play in 8th Ed. simply because of the many changes going against them. Since you are no longer slowed down when charging through difficult terrain and march blocking is no longer a huge part of the game (roll a Ld. test and go!), Wood Elves won't get as many shots as they used to. This also means the enemy will have more units that can get into combat and that's just bad news for a relatively shooty army. The larger amounts of units that people will be taking in bigger games also make this a lot more problematic for the slightly overpriced WE army. Although all these things look pretty bad, Wood Elves still have some options. They just need to go outside their comfort zone and play with MSU Glade Guard, blocks of Eternal Guard to hold the line and groups of Treekin to break the enemy in combat. Treekin got one of the biggest buffs coming into this edition. Sure, they can't auto-break units anymore, but they still have multiple wounds and a 5+ ward on top of that. The sheer number of attacks that they can put out makes for a lot of dead models once they hit the ranks of enemy units. I think one of the most important things that WE players have to take advantage of is their lores of magic and their magical items. Since they can take life, beasts and their own personal lore, WE players can pull off some pretty unique combos that other races will be careful to avoid. No one wants to fight against T7 Eternal Guard because they'll hold all day long; especially if they have a Noble or Higborn in there to make them Stubborn. Call of the Hunt is now pretty special because its one of the few remaining movement spells in the game and your opponent cannot make a charge reaction against it. Tree Singing now does D6 S5 hits to an enemy unit that's even remotely touching woods so you can use that to harass any fast moving enemies trying to get to you. Item combos such as Glimmering Scale Armor + Fimbulwinter Shard will make your heroes nearly impossible to hit and Moonstone of Hidden Ways can still pull some really nasty combos. WE is a tricky army in every sense of the word: Tricky to play, tricky to face and tricky to master. Although I feel that WE got the short end of the stick in 8th, the most cunning and experienced WE players will still be able to pull off some convincing wins.

bem... nada a acrescentar - acho que ele diz tudo no fim, que este exercito é para chutar para canto mas jogadores experientes "até podem sacar vitórias" se correr bem ... Rolling Eyes Mad
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