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uurrraa Dark Eldar

Mensagem  hellboy em Qua Jul 21, 2010 4:11 pm

Dark Elves

Dark Elves going into the new edition will do just fine. They still have a very competitively priced army book and many of their options are still ridiculously good. Hydras are still arguably the best monster for its price and blocks of cheap Spears and RXB will from up the majority of the DE army. You can still tool out your Lords to be unkillable with Pendant, wreak havoc on your opponent's army with your now easier to cast Lore of Dark Magic and still get good magic protection from Ring of Hotek (by getting close to his casters). I mean, who wouldn't like to drop a Black Horror on someone with no partials and tell them to take off models and take a panic test after? I think we'll be seeing a lot more magic-heavy builds with DE in this edition since they DE are some of the only ones that can get more PD in the magic phase. DE players will even see some Corsairs on the field since they can take Quick To Fire Reaper handbows and still fight pretty decently in combat. Just like all Elven armies, DE are fast and have high WS, but can't take much damage in return before their lines start to falter. The Cauldron of Blood will see more play because it got buffed to T10 and have all the right buffs to make your units better. Black Guard will still hold the army center for the most part, although enemy Stone Throwers might force them to deploy a bit differently than before. Being one of the more competitive books in the game right now, Dark Elves didn't get as buffed as the other races when going in 8th. You can only take so many Black Guard, RBTs lost some of their effectiveness (just like High Elves), Assassins can get killed easier due to stepping up, and the new skirmisher rules decreased the usefulness of Shades. Fear not though, all DE needs to do is change their playstyles a bit and take more standard troops to compensate for the all-out monster lists or shadestars they were doing last edition. A good amount of RXB can still pincushion the enemy army well enough for your Hydras and elite infantry to finish the job.

valha-me este exercito para puder jogar sem dizer antecipadamente, ja fui ! ehehehe....
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