Skaven - Rumores

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Skaven - Rumores

Mensagem  malibuman em Sex Abr 10, 2009 5:13 pm

Once again GeneralofChaos over at warseer has this to say:

I want to prove to the forum, my information is like gold. So here is
my top 10 list of what you will see in the Skaven army book!

10. Jezzails sniper champion, can pick out model
9. Plague Monks have frenzy, hatred and poisoned attacks
8. Poison Wind Globadiers now have d6 hits per ‘hit’
7. Grey Seer now knows all spells w unlimited Warpstones
6. Master Moulder grants regeneration to any Moulder unit he joins
5. Plague Priest may now be upgraded to Lv 2 and any pestilence unit he joins can never loses frenzy
4. Rat Ogres S6 and count as having additional hand weapons, reroll all psych tests, stubborn while packmasters are alive
3. Ratling Gun now S5, move and shoot unit
2. *new rare unit* Super Size Rats US5, regeneration, stubborn, may tunnel and charge in any direction on turn it appears
1. Vermin Lord has Doombull stats & 4th lv Wizard

Also from the same forums D-N-Angel has this to report:
herd somthing yesturday. Scaven Clan Rats are getting cheaper, slaves
can no longer have slings. Warplightning is S5 but its only 1D6. Rat
ogres have upgrade options to make them worth taking and have a cheaper
base cost, these include stat line increases and special abilitys and
weapons upgrades on them. I asume this leads to ratling guns being
mounted on rat ogres. Also that the difrent unit types will be worth
taking instead of going skyray. Assassins are going like DE ones and
not taking up a slot. The doom wheel may be making a return. And
jezails no longer skirmish and are S5AP not S6. Storm Vermin are
staying the same. And the storm banner is gone!


"And remember kids, if it’s not For the Emperor, then it’s For the Horde." - A D-B

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Re: Skaven - Rumores

Mensagem  Ebizo em Dom Abr 12, 2009 2:49 pm

Men...isto promete...tou a ver k os ratos vao evoluir um koto..parece interessante estas mudanças.. Very Happy Very Happy
O gato já não come ha um mes
O gato já não come ha um mes

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